I recently had the need for qmail address extension support in vpopmail.
Since i was running an oldish release of vpopmail (5.3.28) I upgraded to

I configured using:
./configure \
--enable-many-domains=y \
--enable-logging=v \
--enable-clear-passwd=n \
--enable-roaming-users=n \
--enable-rebuild-tcpserver-file=n \

I then started playing with sending emails to address extensions.  when I
had a plain-vanilla mailbox, it worked perfectly, However, when i had a
forward/alias (or a .qmail-user for that mailbox), it did not work.

This is important, because I am using a TMDA like system.  I do:
~vpopmail/bin/vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] pass
echo '|/usr/local/bin/program [EMAIL PROTECTED]' >

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or just not currently a feature, but can
someone implement this?

Jeremy Kister
Argus: The World's Most Advanced Monitoring System: http://argus.tcp4me.com

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