First, Tom, can I get your alias list code?

Update on ordered domain names...

I have an insertion sort working with users/assign that keeps domain names in order. Should I try to make it support all the qmail control files or have a separate function for that file?

Delete domains

I still think deldomain should take all aliases with it. Right now it leaves the alias domains configured in qmail, but there is no directory structure for them to store mail. That is not good.

I now realize it is a little more complicated than I first thought, because several qmail control files need to be modified. Tom's code to retrieve the list of aliases for a domain would be a good thing to have, since all the aliases need to be cleaned out of all of the qmail control files.

I think it should look like this:

WARNING alias domains exist:
>vdeldomain -f
WARNING alias domains deleted:

vdeldomain() always deletes the domains, and all aliases. the vdeldomain program does the work to check if there are aliases. If there are it gives a warning, and either aborts or does the delete.

If there are no objections, that is what I'll be doing next.

Finally, does anyone have any thoughts on a function that promotes an alias domain to primary. It would rename the domains/ directory and update all the users/assign entries. Someday it might even fix mailing lists to reflect the primary domain name change.

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