On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 12:08, Jeff Koch wrote:
> In order to relieve the load from our main mailserver we offloaded chkuser 
> and virus scanning to a frontend mailserver. However, the front-end server 
> is not getting a fast enough response on the chkuser query from the mysql 
> server on the main mailserver and, at peaks loads, has started bouncing mails.
> We would like to have a slave copy of the mysql vpopmail DB on the 
> front-end mailserver to service chkuser queries directly. We need to keep 
> the slave database in sync with the master DB and would like to use mysql 
> replication. Can we get some opinions on how best to keep the DB's in sync? 
> Does replication work OK? Do we need to upgrade to MySQL version 4? Or can 
> we get away with rsync?

I just did this in Feb.

Upgrade both systems to MySQL version 4.

Then follow this:

I personally did the LOAD DATA FROM MASTER to get the initial data set
over to the slave.  I also put some settings into the local /etc/my.cnf
- I kept typing commands wrong within MySQL ;)



I had a hell of a time trying to get a Master 3.x server, and a slave
4.x.  I strongly recommend going with 4.x on both boxes.  Once I
upgraded the master, everything went smoothly.


> Thanks in advance for the advice and counsel.
> Jeff Koch 

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