Hi Rick:

Thanks for the help. We managed to get replication running and it seems to working. We stayed with MySQL 3.23.58 because we were unable to get the upgrade to MySQL version 4 to work. So now we have chkuser-mysql and virus scanning off-loaded to the front-end server. Next step is to offload the spamassassin but that should be easy since the mysql userprefs tables are being replicated also.

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On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 12:08, Jeff Koch wrote:
> In order to relieve the load from our main mailserver we offloaded chkuser
> and virus scanning to a frontend mailserver. However, the front-end server
> is not getting a fast enough response on the chkuser query from the mysql
> server on the main mailserver and, at peaks loads, has started bouncing mails.
> We would like to have a slave copy of the mysql vpopmail DB on the
> front-end mailserver to service chkuser queries directly. We need to keep
> the slave database in sync with the master DB and would like to use mysql
> replication. Can we get some opinions on how best to keep the DB's in sync?
> Does replication work OK? Do we need to upgrade to MySQL version 4? Or can
> we get away with rsync?

I just did this in Feb.

Upgrade both systems to MySQL version 4.

Then follow this:

I personally did the LOAD DATA FROM MASTER to get the initial data set
over to the slave.  I also put some settings into the local /etc/my.cnf
- I kept typing commands wrong within MySQL ;)



I had a hell of a time trying to get a Master 3.x server, and a slave
4.x.  I strongly recommend going with 4.x on both boxes.  Once I
upgraded the master, everything went smoothly.


> Thanks in advance for the advice and counsel.
> Jeff Koch

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Jeff Koch, Intersessions

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