On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 10:59:58AM +0300, Tech Info wrote:
> I have a qmail/vpopmail/mysql set-up running on Redhat 8, I would like 
> to know how I can opt for 'creating user mailbox on the fly' option? Is 
> there anyone who can help me out in this?

It's doable and I've even patched vpopmail to do it (from only an entry in
the vpopmail table)... however.

pop3d will fail if the customer tries to login to the nonexisting
directory, and courier-imap access will similarly fail.  The "gain" of
maybe saving a few inodes (no disk blocks need be sacrificed yet) isn't
worth the tech support overhead.

Use a filesystem like Reiserfs (on linux) and you don't have to care about
the inodes anyhow.

Ted Deppner

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