On May 6, 2004, at 7:11 PM, Rick Widmer wrote:
At first glance, it appers that vpalias.c, vmysql.c and vpgsql.c share
common functions. It seems to me that if the code is in vmysql.c and
vpgsql.c it should also appear in vcdb.c and vpalias.c should not exist.
It looks like there is some ifdef magic going on to hide the code in
this file. It seems to me it would be better to add vpalias.c to vcdb.c
and add empty function definitions in the other auth back-ends. Ifdefs would remain so you can still switch valias on or off with a ./configure option.

Should I move it to cdb.c?

No, because we need to continue supporting aliases stored as .qmail-alias files (which is actually unrelated to the backend) even when using a database as a front-end.

vpalias.c is the default method for storing aliases. --enable-valias overrides that option and stores aliases in MySQL (only if you're using MySQL as the backend).

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