Hi all,

I have the strangest of problems going on after installing vpopmail & qmailadmin. But first some history;
At first I installed Qmail + Courier-Imap + Squirrelmail, which all worked fine using 1 domain and system users.
After that I wanted to host multiple domains, so I created one using dyndns and I installed vpopmail and qmailadmin. All went well, encountering the usual installation quirks :) Anyhow, everything looks fine, but the funny thing is, I cannot log in using virtual users, but with system users I can. Other thing is, I the mailboxes remain empty, while mail /is/ delivered (they show in the ./maildir/new files).
So, I can create virtual domains and virtual users; no errors and they show up in the appropiate files and folders. I can send mail to those domains and users. However, I cannot login to the virtual domains using virtual users (incorrect username or password), but I can using a system account. After loggin in with a system account the mailbox is empty, even though mail is successfully delivered as I can see them in the /mailbox/new folder.
I have rechecked the installation notes and everything looks ok.
Now, how can I trace what is going wrong, and what could possibly have gone wrong as I have followed the instructions from the inter7 site.
Any help is most apreciated.


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