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Rick Widmer wrote:
> My travels have finally brought me to the MySQL database module...  I 
> am working on improving the error messages returned by vconvert, as 
> part of the process of testing the MySQL back end.
> The first thing I've noticed is that a number of errors call
> fprintf(stderr) directly from the extension.  I would like to make 
> them record the error in a string, set errori and return the error 
> code where it is apropriate.  Then I have to look at the places it is 
> called and update the error handling there.  I would prefer to leave 
> the formatting of error messages up to the end user program:  
> ~vpopmail/bin/*, qmailadmin, etc.
> Any objections?

None, code cleanup is always nice :P. I am diving into the source every 
so often as well for jobs people ask me to do.

> At first glance, it appers that vpalias.c, vmysql.c and vpgsql.c share 
> common functions.  It seems to me that if the code is in vmysql.c and 
> vpgsql.c it should also appear in vcdb.c and vpalias.c should not 
> exist.  It looks like there is some ifdef magic going on to hide the 
> code in this file.  It seems to me it would be better to add vpalias.c 
> to vcdb.c and add empty function definitions in the other auth 
> back-ends.  Ifdefs would remain so you can still switch valias on or 
> off with a ./configure option.
> Should I move it to cdb.c?

Why not? Would be just as easy.

> Next, there are two programs vconvert and dotqmail2valias that both 
> translate data from file to database, or from database to file.  
> Should I merge the programs into one.  Future conversions would then 
> be one step.  If the users or aliases have already been converted, you 
> just get duplicate warnings.
> Merge them?

Yes, i was planning on doing this, but i dont have the time.

> Rick

Useless stats on why not to listen to me:
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Just random blabbing :P
To busy to do it myself (I still think it needs to be done)


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