Hi All,
 Thanks for reply. But i am still unable to understand that why vchkpw added ip while 
pop my qmail account from other application, although i am using telnet, in which 
nothing ip added like that.

So plz tell me is it possible that i can remove or handle that. so That ppl can use 
account from qmail otherwise qmail will be ?????????

plz reply.


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> Hi All
> I have installed Qmail on linux 7.2 with vpopmail support and relay-ctrl 
> patch. I am trying to pop my mails from that qmail mail on other 
> application server through remote pop accounts procedure. When i give 
> him user name as email and send password then Qmail server reject that 
> password and append the IP after the email, although user name and 
> password is correct, i check it manually on telnet.
> But giving me error of that kind.
> May  6 07:52:21 mail2 vpopmail[25532]: vchkpw: password fail
> What's and where it is wrong. bcz of ip concatenating pop server unable 
> to authenticate that user. So any solution or setting to remove. There 
> is nothingin application like that adding ip after the email.
> Waiting for a good reply.
> tx.
> Zafar

The IP is added by vchkpw itself, and doesnt matter at all. Its for 
administrative purposes only.


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