oh dear god. now we have to have this crap posted to the vchkpw list too?

top posting is not against the law, violates no RFC's, and has only become an issue in the last three or four years, due to a very vocal minority. top posting is not wrong, no kitties will actually die if you top post, and FURTHERMORE, the lengthy, badgering top post complaining about top posting is far more annoying and intrusive than top posting itself.

here's one for you x-istence - how about TRIMMING your posts. you've been posting to this list for a long time now, and half of your post consist of the entire, long original post, and your one liner at the bottom. a much, much older tradition on the net was that one should TRIM one's posts to include only the most relevant, quoted parts.

i find untrimmed posts annoying. shall i start berating the list every time you do it?

apologies in advance, this kind of passive-aggressive control freak behavior gets under my skin.

At 09:24 PM 5/7/2004, you wrote:
Your message was top-posted. Please configure your MUA to quote correctly before sending messages to mailing lists. If you don't know what this means, read this: http://www.faqs.org/docs/jargon/T/top-post.html

To learn what "quote correctly" means, read this:

If you are using MS MUA, these free add-on packages can apparently fix their quoting style for you: http://home.in.tum.de/~jain/software/oe-quotefix/

I've corrected your quoting for this reply, but will ignore further top-posted messages.

(Thanks charles, qmail list)

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Hi All

I have installed Qmail on linux 7.2 with vpopmail support and relay-ctrl patch. I am trying to pop my mails from that qmail mail on other application server through remote pop accounts procedure. When i give him user name as email and send password then Qmail server reject that password and append the IP after the email, although user name and password is correct, i check it manually on telnet.
But giving me error of that kind.

May  6 07:52:21 mail2 vpopmail[25532]: vchkpw: password fail

What's and where it is wrong. bcz of ip concatenating pop server unable to authenticate that user. So any solution or setting to remove. There is nothingin application like that adding ip after the email.

Waiting for a good reply.

The IP is added by vchkpw itself, and doesnt matter at all. Its for administrative purposes only.
Hi All,
Thanks for reply. But i am still unable to understand that why vchkpw added ip while pop my qmail account from other application, although i am using telnet, in which nothing ip added like that.
So plz tell me is it possible that i can remove or handle that. so That ppl can use pop account from qmail otherwise qmail will be ?????????
plz reply.

May 8 00:15:24 Breached vpopmail[83838]: vchkpw-imap: (PLAIN) login success [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
May 8 00:15:25 Breached vpopmail[83840]: vchkpw-imap: (PLAIN) login success [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

This is from my logs. It works as expected, your run scripts are either wrong, or you are sending wrong password.


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