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> Paulo Fragoso wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > How can we setup vpopmail to work with Postfix? Is necessary have qmail
> > installed too?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Paulo.
> vpopmail was created for qmail only, postfix and qmail are two different
> MTA's so this is not a solution you can use with postfix.

See this sentence from http://www.inter7.com/vpopmail.html :

"Inter7 has developed vpopmail (vchkpw), a free GPL software package, to
provide an easy way to manage virtual email domains and non /etc/passwd
email accounts on your qmail or Postfix mail servers."

So it looks like there should be a way to get it to work with Postfix.
(Or someone needs to fix the page.)

There's even a link for a short howto on the Inter7 page:

That said, I have never used vpopmail with Postfix, nor do I ever plan to,
so I can't vouch whether or not any of the above is accurate beyond face


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