On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 11:18:09AM -0400, Chris Ess wrote:
> > vpopmail was created for qmail only, postfix and qmail are two different
> > MTA's so this is not a solution you can use with postfix.
> See this sentence from http://www.inter7.com/vpopmail.html :

You can do it. But basically you need to install postfix and qmail
and postfix just handles some of the MTA duties. MDA is still qmail.

It would really be interesting to see vpopmail make the necessary
changes to be less qmail specific. Vpopmail could become a solid
virtual mail solution for a handful of MTA. Qmail is a minority when
it comes to MTA deployment. By opening the doors a bit and loosening
the qmail dependancies, vpopmail would also gain a LOT more
community input and developers.

I deployed the qmail+vpopmail solution once. Liked vpopmail a
lot, hated qmail. The system still exists because no one wants to
tackle another migration :)


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