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On Monday, April 26, 2004 at 3:42:40 PM you wrote (at least in part):

> Now I've got another problem with SMTP. When I try to connect, it takes
> FOREVER to send the welcome message. Go ahead and telnet into rhost1.zfx.com
> on port 25 and issue a HELO, and you'll see what I mean.

Both, connecting and issuing a EHLO (or HELO), is just a matter of
seconds from here.

> I thought that it could be something with DNS, but everything seems
> fine with DNS. The hostname and reverse DNS entries for the box are
> in there, and the DNS servers on the server are set correctly so it
> should be able to resolve it's self pretty quickly (the DNS server
> it uses is on the local box, as is the zone for the domain).

Well, it nevertheless could be a DNS related problem. The "self
referring" reverse entries are not that much of a matter. What takes
time most times this behavior is seen is reverse resolving of
connecting client. So what's your 'tcpserver ... qmail-smtpd'
invocation line[1]?

[1]: ps auxwww |grep '[t]cpserver .*qmail-smtpd'
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