I am sorry but we did not understand your email to Ascentive.  It either did not make 
sense, made contradicting statements, or your request was not stated clear enough.

If you could please explain exactly what it is that you need to know in a brief and 
straightforward manner, I am sure that I will be able to better assist you.  We want 
to help you!  Please use the following link to send your message:

Please keep the following tips in mind when writing to Ascentive:

* In replies, please type your message at the top of the email, not at the bottom or 
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* We send a ticket number (T2004042601G3) to track email correspondence, please keep 
this number in your subject line for ease of order and conversation tracking.

* Please be clear in your message so that we can understand your request.

* Please do not type in all capital letters as these are very difficult to read.

* Make sure that you have typed the information into the message box and not the 
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* When you describe (in full detail) what your problem may be, please include the name 
of the program you are having difficulty with.

* If you received any errors using the software, please include the exact error 
messages, error numbers, and error report (if one was given).

* If you are a past customer, you must include some form of ID (an order number or 
credit card number, for example) so we can locate your order in our database to assist 

* We can not receive email attachments.

* Your message must be in the English language.

* Before sending your message, have you looked for your problem in our online support 
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possible!  We appreciate your assistance, and thank you for writing to Ascentive!

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