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> > It would really be interesting to see vpopmail make the necessary
> > changes to be less qmail specific. Vpopmail could become a solid
> > virtual mail solution for a handful of MTA.
> so, bloat should be added so it will work with MTAs it wasn't designed
for?  I
> disagree.

Of course you do. You like qmail :) Seriously though you say "bloat" and
that's a pretty loaded word. Immediately people think "we don't want bloat.
Bad idea". But in most cases we aren't talking about bloat, we're just
talking about un-hardcoding a lot of qmail specific stuff and allowing
options. Once when qmail was totally getting in my way I sat down and spent
about an hour pondering how to remove it and replace it with postfix and
still use vpopmail. I never went beyond the pondering stage because it "just
started working again *shudder*" but most of it looked pretty staright
forward code wise.

> > Qmail is a minority when it comes to MTA deployment.
> I disagree there also.  qmail is probably the second most, if not the
> deployed MTA across the internet, and many different surveys have gone to
> show this.

Without pointing to DJB's website, care to back this up? I've seen lots of
references to "second most" (including the title of the qmail page). However
I don't think you can actually back that up and any numbers I've ever seen
having it come close may have had it high in order but low in total
percentage (i.e. the ones higher had WAY more percentage).. and those
surveys are years old. *shrug* So... drop that line of argument or point to
3rd party references. I acknowledge that I fired the first shot by saying
Qmail was a minority. I'll retract that because I can't find any recent
surveys that aren't done by vendors :( Its not really relevent to the
discussion anyway. Is it the goal of the vpopmail project to promote the use
of vpopmail or to, by proxy, promote the use of qmail. Perhaps the main
developers or steering people behind vpopmail would like to put out a little
poll on the topic?

Lastly we aren't talking about general deployment but deployment by those
entities who might wish to have virtualized e-mail and multiple domains.

> Also, this is WITH most new redhat installations coming with
> sendmail installed (and enabled) by default, which would skew this number,
> sendmail might be running but it's not necessarily doing anything.

And not just redhat. Other linux and BSD varients come with sendmail. One
that I know of comes with postfix. I don't know any that come with qmail.
There's also a lot more Exchange out there these days.


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