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http://cr.yp.to/surveys/smtpsoftware6.txt That's from 2001.

It would be a fun project to try to do that again, though.
The biggest challenge will probably be to get a representative sample of domains and MXs


That would be a fun script to write. See what mail server *sent* to your mail server based on the headers and get a sampling that way.

I'll mull this over and see how I might implement this, since our mail server handles over 400K messages a day, it should give us a good idea of what ISP's are using.



Hey, I found some more:


"Due to AUP policy violations (Comcast) this will be the last survey done. Apparently NASA and the U.S. Navy did not like the unsolicited connections. "


From the pages returned by a google search on "smtp server survey", I'm afraid anyone who does that actively will be in deep trouble rather sooner than later.
The passive approach makes more sense.

qmail comes in at 8-10% in these surveys.



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