> (http://www.credentia.cc/research/surveys/smtp/200304/)
>       8244 38.78% Sendmail
>       3707 17.44% Microsoft IIS/Other
>       1981 9.32% qmail
> Shows qmail in the number 3 slot. 

I'm hoping you don't consider MS IIS/SMTP service as a MDA... And
remember as a MTA, it probably has no real associated users.

> As I stated, we are an ISP, not an end user.  I think our stats will 
> tend to reflect what the majority of ISP (hence majority of 
> high volume mail servers) are using.

Something like this could use a central DB repository handling unique

Setup accounts for the IPS/groups who'd use it with a profile...

I'm not sure where to get the MTA info from, but if that's figured
easily, I could front some DB space... 


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