On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 12:13:01AM -0700, Joseph Schmitt II wrote:
> > (http://www.credentia.cc/research/surveys/smtp/200304/)
> >       8244 38.78% Sendmail
> >       3707 17.44% Microsoft IIS/Other
> >       1981 9.32% qmail
> > 
> > Shows qmail in the number 3 slot. 
> I'm hoping you don't consider MS IIS/SMTP service as a MDA... And
> remember as a MTA, it probably has no real associated users.

That's a point :) It does carry out a lot of MTA like functions but...
So lets say you drop 3707 servers from that survey. That moves qmail
to the number 2 slot and still has sendmail 4x higher in terms of
servers deployed. Its like bragging that Mondale came in 2nd in the
1984 presidential election. No matter how you slice it, 9-10% is enough
of a minority that vpopmail is missing out on a lot. So my original
statement stands and I wonder, again, if the vpopmail developers and
community would be open to patches that allow an abstraction away from
the MTA and, hence, open up a LOT more user (and potential developer)


[P.S. - can we un-devolve this discussion into statistics and back into one
 of using vpopmail with Postfix or other MTAs that happen to not be qmail?]

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