Hi all, I've googled for this, but I came to nothing.

Is it possible to configure vpopmail to use more than one auth module at 
a time? In particular, I need it to search into cdb files for some 
domains, and use a mysql backend for another one.

That's because I was asked to consolidate two mail servers on a single 
machine. The problem is that one server uses cdb files, the other one 
has a php application manipulating the vpopmail database, which uses 
the mysql backend. I need to migrate this web application too, so I 
must keep that domain sticked to mysql. If possible, I'd rather not 
convert all the other domains to mysql.

The older documentation in README.mysql says that "if you want" to 
convert cdb domains to mysql you should use vconvert; so I think that 
at least cdb and mysql can be used at the same time. Is it right or 
And how can I do that, if it's possible? I tried to ./configure vpopmail 
with both --enable-auth-module=cdb AND --enable-auth-module=mysql, but 
only the latter is shown in the configuration summary at the end of 
the ./configure step. Instead, only cdb is shown if I change their 
order (that actually makes sense :)

By the way, I've tried that with vpopmail 5.4.0.

Thanks for your help and your great software ;)

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