Cesare D'Amico wrote:
Hi all, I've googled for this, but I came to nothing.

Is it possible to configure vpopmail to use more than one auth module at a time?

That is not going to be possible because the choice of authentication back-end is made by setting a symlink (vauth.c) at compile time. As you found out, the last ./configure option wins.

That's because I was asked to consolidate two mail servers on a single machine. The problem is that one server uses cdb files, the other one has a php application manipulating the vpopmail database, which uses the mysql backend. I need to migrate this web application too, so I must keep that domain sticked to mysql. If possible, I'd rather not convert all the other domains to mysql.

Migrating everything to MySQL is probably going to be your best bet. If the cdb group is already using qmailadmin they won't notice the difference. Vpopmail is pretty good at abstracting the back end, and it is getting better, so they won't notice if they are using the commands in ~vpopmail/bin either.

Managing vpopmail from PHP is in the process of getting easier. Ken Jones just wrote a daemon, and I am working on a PHP extension and a pair of classes that abstract them so a program can use either just by changing one include statement.

It is all very much under construction, and I don't suggest you try it unless you are willing to debug and possibly even write some code for the project. You can see what is happening here:


The older documentation in README.mysql says that "if you want" to convert cdb domains to mysql you should use vconvert; so I think that at least cdb and mysql can be used at the same time. Is it right or wrong?

I haven't figured out how vconvert does it yet. I will have to one of these days, but not soon. I still run a straight cdb shop.

My guess is that vconvert actually does cdb within itself, and provides one SQL back end, the one you selected at compile time. Even though the program --help seems to imply that you can vconvert from mysql to pgsql I don't think it is possible. I would love it if someone who knows would explain it...

I think I'll have to do something on the web app then. Or perhaps try to use two sets of vpopmail binaries, which isn't a really appealing possibility.

Good luck. Two servers, or a virtual server where each qmail+vpopmail image appeared as a separate machine would be the only ways I would want to keep them separate. If you find a reasonable way, please let us know.


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