Cesare D'Amico wrote:

Thanks for all your advices, I'll try to find some time to have a look at the (really interesting) pmailadmin framework. Does it work with cdb files yet?

Right now there are things that only work with cdb files. At least with the extension option. Once I get all the features working I will convert my test system to MySQL and do what ever it takes to get it running again. At the very least I will have to add ordered alias names to the mysql back end. It should be easier there than in cdb. Just add a few ORDERED BY clauses in the right places.

(I was told that the latest versions of PHP's dba extension support also cdb files, but I didn't check).

Yes PHP's dba supports cdb, and is currently required by pMailAdmin. The new get_domain_entries code in vpopmail may eliminate it.

If you support the cdb backend, how did you solve the user/group privileges problems for writing to cdb files?

There are two ways I have found. The easy way is to run Ken's daemon and let it handle all the permissions. The other way is harder, and messy, but much faster. You have to run Apache as vpopmail:vchkpw. At least one copy for accessing vpopmail. I wouldn't want to do this on a server that hosted web sites. I have a separate machine for email and no one else can write web pages on it.

I am trying to keep the documentation on the pMailAdmin site up to date, so it is worth a look.


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