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On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 10:49, tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
> You may do it enabling chkuser always, deleting the lines of code checking
> for that string.

You mean disable this code in qmail-smtpd.c ? :

                if ( strstr(read_buf, "bounce-no-mailbox") == NULL ) {
                        retstat = 1;


You may delete all the code between case 0: and case 1: (case 0: must exist).

> We could also look for a different string or for a different file (i.e.
> like .qmailenablebounce), if you tell me your need and we may change what
> we want.

Hrm...  Is there a reason to not check for the user's existance before
accepting the mail?  It seems to have significantly stopped the amount
of junk we get and queue....

You may have new customers, not able to tell you all the existing mailbox, so you must keep catchall in use for some months, before switching to bouncing.

If you have not that problem, cut the code.

> Tonino
> P.S. I'm studying for version 2.0 of chkuser, this could be another issue.

Version 2.0 ?




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