Sameer Ingole wrote:


I have qmail + vpopmail install on my linux server.
I have 6 domains for which my qmail is responsible for. is one of them.

I have some 25 email users for this domain.
I want to forward all the mails of 20 users to three users of

How do I do that?

What would be the scenario if I use .qmail-default in /home/vpopmail/domains/

How do I do that?


You can install qmailadmin then
create a mailing-list,
add your 3 users to that mailing-list,
forward each of your 20 users to that mailing-list.
create a mailing-list,
add the 3 users to that ML,
create a catch all account that forward to the mailing list,
delete the 20 users.

You should do with .qmail-whatever files but I am a lazy bastard that like web interfaces

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