On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 05:37:43PM +0100, Wael Ellouze wrote:
>Hello Eeverybody,
>I have a qmail and vpopmail, and i have 100 accounts under vpopmail.
>I want to modify an email adress of some people. Can i do that without vdeluser and 
>then vadduser ?
>The problem is when i make:
>vdeluser [EMAIL PROTECTED] and then 
>vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED],  i lose a message in the aacounts.


I had occasion to do tis sort of thing (for the first time) just

Using the above example, what I did was:

* vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
* rm -fr domains/test.com/alain-ab
* mv domains/test.com/alain domains/test.com/alain-ab
* vdeluser [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I was subsequently informed that the move went well, so that would seem
encouraging.  :-}

(Actually, I then needed to make "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" an alias that pointed
to the (new) [EMAIL PROTECTED] and someone else @test.com.  But that was
because of the specific requirements I had for the case in point.)

David H. Wolfskill                                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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