I have been struggling with this all day, and I suppose that you will
show me just how simple the solution is ;>

Before today, this Debian system was not a mail server, and ran popa3d,
from which I was able to remotely retrieve local user's email.  For
example, when some error message is mailed to root, aliases sent it to
my user (mds), and I pick it up every ten minutes from my workstation
thirty miles away.  That worked well.

Now, this is to become a mail server: netqmail + vpopmail.

If I create a virtual domain for this actual server
(don.platinumaire.net), then root's mail bounces.  When I created a
virtual user ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), then root's mail ends up in
root's virtual maildir.  That is bad, because
/var/qmail/alias/.qmail-root says my user (mds) should get root's mail.

At first, I did not know about --enable-passwd=y -- now, that is
compiled in.  Now that --enable-passwd=y , I have a different problem:

    vchkpw-pop3: system user shadow entry not found mds:

Apparently, my remote IP is appended to my system user name, and -- of
course -- that does not coincide with my /etc/passwd entry ;<

I am confused, and I appeal to your mercy!

How is it intended to remotely retrieve local user's mail under

What do you think?

Best Regards,

mds resource
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