At 09:05 AM 5/4/2004, Rick Romero wrote:
Can you rsync two directories?

Then you wouldn't really have the downtime...

i've never used rsync, have never had a need so never looked into it.

rsync can work while a file system is being actively and aggressively modified? e.g. user X is checking email every 30 seconds via pop3, their account receives several new messages per minute - customer checks for new mail while rsync is running, the pop session moves new messages from Maildir/new to Maildir/cur - rsync will understand that, even if it happens while rsync is syncing that part of the filesystem? there's no danger of winding up with duplicate copies in new and cur?

yeah, i guess these aren't vpopmail questions.

but anyway, that's not specifically the issue i was asking about. i actually don't want to move the largest domains to the new filer - by leaving most of their data where it is, i can balance load better across more spindles, as opposed to moving all data to the new filer.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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