I remain curious regarding the subject compile option, as well as best
practices for remotely reading system messages on a mail server running

I recently installed vpopmail on this server, and virtual domains work
as expected.  However, I was stumped as to how to remotely read system
messages (e.g., cron messages to root, &c.)  Initially, qmail bounced
these messages, until I recompiled vpopmail with --enable-passwd.  Even
then, I was not able to find a way to remotely read these messages,
although I confirmed they were delivered under the appropriate Maildir.

Finally, I created a virtual domain for the local domain, and added root
and me to that virtual domain.  It took me quite a bit of scouring to
find that vpopmail supports dot_qmail files under each virtual domain.
Once I created ~vpopmail/domains/this.local.domain/.qmail-root, now I
successfully receive these messages.  Good.

It appears that --enable-passwd has little or no value.  What does it
accomplish?  Ought I to recompile without it?

Is this the best practice for system mail on a system running vpopmail?

What do you think?

Best Regards,

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