Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
On Tuesday 04 May 2004 03:28 pm, Patrick Donker wrote:

have you tried:

touch *
in the root of the source tree?


Thanks for this tip Jeremy; it solved my problem. Only thing is that I dont understand why. I've looked at man touch, and I know what it does, but dont understand why and how it solved my problem(?). Maybe you can clue me in? If it is too off-topic for this list, maybe you can explain it too me (briefly) by emailing me direcly? Thanks and sorry for the impatience :)

man make

it describes how make uses timestamps to determine what needs to be built. Surely you can put that together with the information you got from 'man touch' and know why what you did fixed the problem.


Mabey its time to fix your server time.

This shouldnt happen.


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