Hi all,

        I seem to be having a problem with aliases and vpopmail.  I'm running
vpopmail 5.4.1 and using the email-toaster as defined by Bill Shupp

        The situation is this...  As a default install, vpopmail aliases seem
to work ok.  However, I wanted to be able to automatically move any spam
mail, tagged as spam by spamassassin, into a spam folder.  So, I
modified the .qmail-default file in the domains/mydomain.com folder to
this :

#| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox
| /usr/bin/maildrop /home/vpopmail/domains/mailfilter

The first line is set that way to that chkusr works.  The second line
sends the mail to a maildrop filter.  That filter looks like this :

VPOP="| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox"
VHOME=`/home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]
if (/^X-Spam-Status: *YES/)
        # try delivering it to a Spam folder
        exception {
                # Check for an existing Spam folder, create one if it
does not exist
                `if [ ! -d "$VHOME/Maildir/.Spam/" ]; \
                then \
                   /usr/bin/maildirmake -f Spam $VHOME/Maildir; \
                # Deliver the message to the Spam folder
                to "$VHOME/Maildir/.Spam/"
        # ah well, I guess they'll just have to live with disappointment
        exception {
                to "$VPOP"
        exception {
                to "$VPOP"

It appears that any aliases are just being ignored when I have the
qmail-default file set this way.  If I go into the domain with the
aliases, and switch the qmail default so that it sends the mail to
vdelivermail as opposed to maildrop, it works fine!  (even if the mail
is forwarded to another domain with the original qmail-default file)
....  In either case (success or failure), I get the following in my
qmail log :

delivery 2376: success: vdelivermail:_valiases_processed/did_0+0+1/

Does anyone know how to fix this?  Placing the mail into a spam folder
is extremely important for us and I cannot lose that functionality!  Any
help would be greatly appreciated!  If you need me to provide more
information, please let me know!


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