In this moment I have vpopmail 5.4.3 running with OpenLDAP 2.1.30. The
authentication work fine, but I can't use roaming users option, The
open-smtp file not exist in ~vpopmail/etc/ directory.

My configure options is:

./configure --enable-learn-passwords --enable-auth-module=ldap --enable-roam
ing-users --enable-relay-clear-minutes=60 --enable-ip-alias-domains --enable
-incdir=/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql --enable-libdir=/usr/local/mysql/lib/
mysql --enable-valias --enable-tcpserver-file=/usr/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp

I also need use lasthauth table, Is it possible compatibility with ldap?

Thanks for your response.

Juan Enciso Condeņa

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