Michael Kefeder wrote:

Our admin set up a new mailserver which should provide IMAP to our
coworkers - problem: their current (local) mailboxes are already
scratching the 2GB limit of their mailclients, therefore we needed
higher quotas on the new server to suit the coworkers needs. When
testing his qmail+vpopmail+courier setup there were crazy results when
quota was set to >2GB and even more problems appeared when the maildir
was filled with mails in total of >2GB.


I don't think that's a good ideia to let users keep so much messages on the server. Specially if they are using all that space because of messages with large attachments (when you attach a file to an e-mail message the file size grows about 33%).
In my opinion you're using the wrong protocol to transport and store messages. If they have to send/receive large files, give FTP accounts to them. If they want to keep all messages, they should save it on a CD or any other media, instead of asking you to increase the quota over and over again. Mailboxes were not created to store 2GB each.
Well, that's my 2 cents ;)

                Eduardo M. Bragatto.

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