Ewan Bain wrote:

On Friday 14 May 2004 9:40 pm, Tom Collins wrote:

On May 14, 2004, at 10:20 AM, Ewan Bain wrote:

I'm trying to use valias to setup a catch-all address. I've tried
different ways and the mail always bounces. Is it possible to setup a
catch-all with valias? Is so how?

The catchall is in .qmail-default. Delivery is handled by qmail-local, and vdelivermail (and the valiases it processes) are not involved.

Maybe I'm not understanding or I didn't make myself clear. If I understand correctly, qmail will look in the users home directory for a .qmail file matching the address it would normally find nothing so uses the .qmail-default file. This then runs vdelivermail which checks for a virtual user to deliver the mail to. This could either be a vpopmail Mailbox or a valias address in the valias table (I'm using MySQL). In what order are these checked? If vdelivermail finds nothing qmail will then look at what comes next in the .qmail-default file and in this case bounce the mail. I know I can add an address to the .qmail-default file to act as a catch all but it would be easier to add a catch all to the valias table and have vdelivermail deal with it like any other valias. Is this possible? I've tried "default", " ", "*" and nothing works.

Forget qmail. It has nothing to do with catchall account handling. Catchall status is a parameter to the vdelivermail program commonly called in the file .qmail-default. Its legal values are:





.qmail-default ------------------------------------------------------------- !/path/to/vdelivermail '' CATCHALL_OPTION -------------------------------------------------------------

There is no wildcard support in valias.

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