sorry, forget about it. vpopmail connects to mysql using a socket.
check if vpopmail is accessing mysql through a tcp socket and that mysql is listening on a tcp socket aswell.
IIRC, on Debian, mysql's default is UNIX socket only.


Celso Pinto wrote:

Try to recompile vpopmail.

Luciano Bello wrote:

   I have a Debian system. I had mysql 3.23.49-8 from my apt-get of my
Woody. I downloaded and instaled, previous remove the old mysql and
dumped the all databases, the mysql-standard-4.0.18-pc-linux-i686. I
restore de backup-dump. All my aplication with access to the sql
database work well, except vpopmail. When I try to check a mailbox from
there I get an error which says, in a Outlook Express:'could not create
vlog table CREATE TABLE vlog [...]'.
I have this table.
   With the command line client, now I need to write the '-h'. In vchkpw/etc/vpopmail.mysql i have

Any Idea?

Sorry for my english

Luciano Bello

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