Tom Collins wrote:

On May 19, 2004, at 12:25 PM, Luciano Bello wrote:

With the command line client, now I need to write the '-h'. In vchkpw/etc/vpopmail.mysql i have

Try replacing 'localhost' with ''. I seem to recall reading somewhere that MySQL would use a socket connection (in the file system) instead of a TCP connection when given localhost. Using forces the use of TCP.

While that is a good idea for a test, if you find it works with and not localhost, you should then find out what is wrong with the socket connection. If you are running qmailadmin and MySQL on the same machine, the socket connection via 'localhost' will be faster.

Usually it is permission on or above the directory where the socket is located, or a mismatch between where a distribution specific MySQL install, and a user compiled version place the socket. Does the MySQL command line program work with localhost connections when run by the web server user? Is there more than one version of MySQL installed on the machine?


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