> Michael Bellears wrote:
> > Is there a simple way to temporarily disable mail delivery 
> to domain 
> > (i.e. When a client has not paid there bill)
> Simple, but not terribly easy.
> I edit the vpasswd file in the domain and add a '*' in front 
> of each of the encrypted password values.  Now no one can 
> download mail, but you are not bouncing it.  If they pay, it 
> is still there waiting for them.
> When they pay remove the '*' and access is restored.
> You also have to delete the vpasswd.cdb file, to make the 
> changes take effect.  If the file does not exist, it will be 
> recreated from vpasswd the next time something needs to access it.
> There are bits in the domain limits file that imply that you 
> can disable pop (webmail and imap) access on a per user and 
> per domain basis, but I don't know how well enforced they are.

Thanks Rick.

Applying the domain limits (pop/imap) works (I have them enforced atm) -
But I was hoping there was also a simple way to temp. disable the domain
from receiving mail altogether (Would be an even greater motivational
factor for the client to pay if mail destined to them started bouncing!)


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