Michael Bellears wrote:

Applying the domain limits (pop/imap) works (I have them enforced atm) - But I was hoping there was also a simple way to temp. disable the domain from receiving mail altogether (Would be an even greater motivational factor for the client to pay if mail destined to them started bouncing!)

With the cdb back end it is easy, sql back ends might be a problem... Move their domain directory to a different name, then run vdeldomain on the domain. When they pay, run vadddomain, then move the directory back. If you are using a database, you could possibly use vconvert to copy the data from the database to cdb storage before moving the directory, then again to put it back once they pay.

Another way would be to remove their domain from the files in /var/qmail/control and /var/qmail/users by hand. Remember what you remove, and from where. You have to signal qmail to reload the files once you are done.


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