I think I saw a qmail patch that let you use a badrcptto or badmailto
file in /var/qmail/controls.  Check http://www.qmail.org and search for
badrcptto (there are two of them right together).  If this works, it
would reject the mail at the smtp level.

If you're dead set on using vpopmail functionality to bounce the
message, then you should be able to use the /home/vpopmail/domains/<your
domain>/.qmail-default file to bounce it.

I think rejecting at the smtp level would be the most efficient since
you wouldn't have to accept the whole message then.

Good luck.


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Subject: [vchkpw] Temporarily disable mail delivery to domain

Is there a simple way to temporarily disable mail delivery to domain
(i.e. When a client has not paid there bill)


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