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> EH> This is only true for SMTP Authentication of type "plain" and "login".
> EH> With CRAM-MD5 its quite save.

> Yes, it's 'quite' safe, but You still reveal Your e-mailadress.
> If there are many hops between Your workstation and the smtpserver,
> You can get some spam in return.

I am truly amazed at that statement.

> More, Your mail is sent in plaintext.  I prefer encrypted streams,
> so SUPP's patch which encrypts the stream with SSL, and authenticate
> afterwards (in plaintext) is still the best way to go, it's not a big
> effort to realize.

but most servers out there don't have TLS support so your email still goes 
across unencrypted.

for instance, I use smtps to talk to my mail server, purely because I have it 
available (I'm not using smtp auth or anything) but I realize that when it 
leaves my server it's not encrypted.

If you want end to end encryption of emails, most MUAs support pgp/gpg/s-mime 
encryption formats.


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