Hello Patrick,

Friday, May 21, 2004, 9:34:30 PM, you wrote:

PD> Hello Erwin,

PD> Friday, May 21, 2004, 7:37:15 PM, you wrote:

EH>> Hi,

EH>> At 17:21 21.05.04 +0200, you wrote: 

PD> Hello Erwin,

PD> Friday, May 21, 2004, 5:14:30 PM, you wrote:

EH>> Hi,

EH>> At 11:41 21.05.04 +0200, you wrote: 

PD> Hello blist, 



PD> In the OLD days, people were happy with SMTP-Auth.  I consider it LESS
PD> security as SMTP after POP, because with SMTP-Auth, You sent Your
PD> e-mailadress and Your password of Your mailbox over the internet.
PD> When a man-in-the-middle catch this e-mail (or worse Your PW), he can
PD> use it for spam, or access Your mailbox. 



EH>> This is only true for SMTP Authentication of type "plain" and "login".

EH>> With CRAM-MD5 its quite save.

EH>> Read: http://www.fehcom.de/qmail/smtpauth.html#FRAMEWORK 




PD> Yes, it's 'quite' safe, but You still reveal Your e-mailadress.
PD> If there are many hops between Your workstation and the smtpserver,
PD> You can get some spam in return. 




PD> More, Your mail is sent in plaintext.  I prefer encrypted streams,
PD> so SUPP's patch which encrypts the stream with SSL, and authenticate
PD> afterwards (in plaintext) is still the best way to go, it's not a big
PD> effort to realize. 



EH>> Pls. tell us how you intend to communicate to the rest of the world by
EH>> means of email with encrypted addresses.

EH>> You are joking, troll.

EH>> regards.
EH>> --eh.

EH>> Dr. Erwin Hoffmann | FEHCom | http://www.fehcom.de/EH>
EH>> Wiener Weg 8, 50858 Cologne | T: +49 221 484 4923 | F: ...24

PD> To be rude and without respect, this was the speciality of Your
PD> ancestors when they pretended to be the most bright race on Earth.
PD> For Your records annoo 1914-18, 1940-1945.  Clearly, some can't deny
PD> their roots. 

PD> Ahhh...yes! A flame war...always nice :)

I quote from the one who has bringing 'the gas': EH> You are joking, troll

Well, I did't start.  This list is to help people.  It's not about to be picky
or to be arrogant, if someone share another view, he has the right to put his vision
forward and to defend his case.  You can discuss topics without
insulting people and without words like 'troll', maintained in the
directory of Dr. Erwin Hoffmann.  Maybe I write terrible English, but
I am on the internet for a few decades, and some use our programs
quite a lot in their BSD stuff.  I don't need insults of someone, who
thinks to have the right to insult people, because he has a PhD.

Best regards,
 DEBO Jurgen

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