PD> Ahhh...yes! A flame war...always nice :)

I quote from the one who has bringing 'the gas': EH> You are joking, troll

Well, I did't start.  This list is to help people.  It's not about to be picky
or to be arrogant, if someone share another view, he has the right to put his vision
forward and to defend his case.  You can discuss topics without
insulting people and without words like 'troll', maintained in the
directory of Dr. Erwin Hoffmann.  Maybe I write terrible English, but
I am on the internet for a few decades, and some use our programs
quite a lot in their BSD stuff.  I don't need insults of someone, who
thinks to have the right to insult people, because he has a PhD.

Well, you dont hear me complain!

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