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Saturday, May 22, 2004, 6:34:03 PM, you wrote:

PP> Hello List,

PP> On Friday, May 21, 2004 at 5:21:36 PM [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote (at
PP> least in part):

>>>>In the OLD days, people were happy with SMTP-Auth.  I consider it LESS
>>>>security as SMTP after POP, because with SMTP-Auth, You sent Your
>>>>e-mailadress and Your password of Your mailbox over the internet.
PP> [...]
>>> This is only true for SMTP Authentication of type "plain" and "login".

>>> With CRAM-MD5 its quite save.
PP> [...]
>> Yes, it's 'quite' safe, but You still reveal Your e-mailadress.
>> If there are many hops between Your workstation and the smtpserver,
>> You can get some spam in return.

PP> Well, as you are this enlightened you'll for sure be able to tell me
PP> the difference to POP authentication than, aren't you?
PP> I don't talk about the different protocol; but in my limited
PP> (inherited from my ancestors, which, as you stated, /pretended/ to be
PP> the most bright) mind and with a lot of ignorance I thought POP3 sends
PP> my username and pass as well. Using vpopmail for POP3 server the
PP> username will most the time be my e-mail-address; exactly the same you
PP> say it's insecure to send.

PP> But I'm pretty sure you'll be able to tell me where my mistake is
PP> located, because POP-b4-SMTP is, as you claimed yourself (see above),
PP> MUCH MORE secure than SMTP-AUTH.

>> More, Your mail is sent in plaintext.

PP> Why do you mix "authentication method" and "connection security"? It's
PP> two VERY different layers in communication model.
PP> The one is layer 3/4, the other is layer 7 in OSI model.

PP> There is NOTHING you can mix about them, there is NOTHING you can
PP> compare them on. It's like comparing apples and plants. The plant
PP> MIGHT be an apple tree, but you simply can't tell.

PP> So please stop whining, write a SMTP-over-SSL-HOWTO and be happy.

>> I prefer encrypted streams,

PP> You're free to do. But what's the relation to a SMTP-AUTH problem?

Before You make comments, first read the previous post.  I am talking
about TLS, smtps adn You are talking about pop3, complete out of the
road.  When I see word like 'enligtment' and I some sarcasm, seems You
are German either, see my previous comment.  Stop Your sarcasm, and
rebuild first Your country and mentality.

Best regards,
 DEBO Jurgen

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