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On another side note, I was looking for some other assistance in setting up spamassassin so that it can filter out e-mail and just not even show up in my box. My spam as become out of control as I am sure many systems are. I installed qmail-filter, but unsure how to configure it so that it will just delete/drop the spam and not even show up in my box.
At the moment SA is just tagging my spam with ***SPAM*** in my subjects of the e-mail. I am also looking for other suggestions on how to get more modules into SA so that it will get rid of more junkmail.

Thanks for the suggestions,
Brooks Roy

If you are using, you can set $sa_delete to determine at what spam score emails should just be deleted.

If not using qmail-queue-scanner, there is a config for, but it escapes me at the moment.


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