Am Sonntag, 23. Mai 2004 03:02 schrieb Eric Ziegast:
> I know this is a shameless plug, but I'm a happy customer.
> Have Inter7 do a SugarBox install for less time/money than
> it takes to figure it out using online resources and googled
> howtos.  I didn't have to second-guess or debug anything.
> Within 4 hours of the consultant logging in via SSH, I had
> IMAP/SSL, CRAM-MD5 and a complement of TinyDNS and SqWebMail
> all working together.  Within another hour, he had MySQL
> replication and redundancy working.  He left all the source
> code on my box so that I could make modifications and
> customizations later using "make install" and even build
> additional servers later.
> If you don't make a living installing Qmail/Vpopmail servers,
> it's less expensive and more practical to just let someone
> else do it.  I've installed qmail/vpopmail from scratch before
> and believe that it can be a PITA to get done right.
> --
> Eric Ziegast

Hi Eric,

I could bet, it was on a 32bit environment... :-)
IMHO it's been only partly a good deal to take Inter7-support. First of all, 
it saved you time and money. But especially, if you don't know the internals 
of such a system and are using it in productive environment e.g. as ISP or in 
a "bigger" company you might be left alone unless you pay for support every 
I set up all the stuff on other servers a couple of times before and I would 
do it the same way again: from the bleeding edge.
This was the way I learned how it works and which helps me to solve problems 
in daily business with these machines.
But: if you like it the way you did, ok - I like it the other way...

Just my $.05...



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