Hello all,

  I have a really odd problem. Let me first say that this does not appear
to be a permissions problem, though it would at first glance.

  The problem domain we'll call example.edu. When you send an email to any
of the addresses @example.edu, it will be deferred with the following
message in the logs:

  delivery 25: deferral: Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir._(#4.2.1)/

  As I mentioned, at first glance, you would check permissions. All that
appears to be well though. Here's what /var/qmail/users/assign looks like:


  Here's the directory structure for /var/vpopmail/domains/exmaple.edu/...
(btw, vpopmail and vchkpw are uid 89):

  drwxr-xr-x  23  root    wheel    512 May 25 10:45 /var/
  drwxr-xr-x  9   vpopmail  vchkpw   512 May 25 11:16 /var/vpopmail/
  drwx------  4   vpopmail  vchkpw   512 May 25 11:02 /var/vpopmail/domains/
  drwx------  148 vpopmail  vchkpw  4608 May 25 11:29 
  drwx------  3   vpopmail  vchkpw   512 Jan 31  2002 
  drwx------  25  vpopmail  vchkpw  1024 May 25 04:37 
  drwx------  2   vpopmail  vchkpw   512 May 24 13:02 

  So, permissions look fine. I added the test.com to do some testing and
it's working just fine with the same permissions and everything. I thought
that perhaps I hit some sort of bug or limit with the number of users you
can have in a single domain as example.edu has 3073, but I added 3500
users to test.com and all is well. The
/var/vpopmail/domains/example.edu/vpasswd file looks OK too.

  I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm guessing my
last-resort plan will be to backup /var/vpopmail/domains/example.edu/,
re-setup the domain and then recreate all the email accounts, copy back
emails...big headache. :)

Best wishes,

- Chris

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