On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 08:22, Jeff Koch wrote:
> We have users that have their email clients set to check for new mail every 
> minute. We ask them to check no more than once every 15 minutes but they 
> don't listen. We are hitting close to 10K pop sessions/hour at peak and it 
> is killing the server. Is there anything we can do to prevent them from 
> popping so frequently? A patch maybe or a config entry?
> Thanks
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> Jeff Koch 
I had similar problem (I guess everybody does) with some users to I
wrote a small code to prevent it. It's done modifying vchkpw.c source
code a little bit, so we can user the "last auth time" feature from


It uses two files to modify code behaviour. Both are placed inside the
"etc" folder, in the vpopmail user directory.
One file "enables-disables" the whole code, just like the "mfcheck" file
does (place a single "1" to activate).
The other file allows some users to bypass the minimum time the code is
triggered (kind of white list feature).
It logs "hammer" entries in the pop access log file. It shows:
www vpopmail[538]: vchkpw-pop3: HAMMER access denied

[secs:5] shows the seconds passed since last authorised user log entry. 

It would be great if something like this is included in vpopmail future

I'm not a C programmer so sure it's very bad written code. But I hope it
helps nonetheless.

If anyone tries it and needs some help don't hesitate in asking.

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