I finally decided to release vpopmail 5.4.4.


Just a few minor fixes...  No reason to upgrade from 5.4.3
unless you're experiencing problems related to the items
mentioned in the ChangeLog.

5.4.4 - released 26-May-04

Tom Collins
- Link math lib when compiling for MySQL.
- Create ~vpopmail and ~vpopmail/etc in configure script. [930939]
  Note that any code creating files in ~vpopmail should probably
  be moved from configure and into Makefile (under make install).
- Use MAX_PW_DIR when checking max size of domain's directory.

Ken Jones
- vdelivermail.c: wait on pid for qmail-inject to finish
  before continuing in deliver_mail function. [from 5.5.1]

Michael Bowe
- Minor documentation tweaks
- Fix for : If roaming users were enabled, and auth module was not
  SQL based, and user's IP address was not available (eg being
  called from Courier-IMAP with authdaemon enabled), then
  open_smtp.tmp.pid files would be created for each auth
  but never removed.

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