On May 26, 2004, at 6:54 PM, Tom Williams wrote:
I'm currently running vpopmail 5.4.0 on a RedHat 9 box without any problems at all. Is it recommended that I stick with that (if it ain't broke.... :)) or is the upgrade to 5.4.4 safe and painless?

Here's a full list of changes:

I'd personally recommend an upgrade from 5.4.3 and earlier if you:

1) have had problems with mail delivery (to forwards), related to the vdelivermail fix in 5.4.4
2) have long domain directory names
3) use roaming users with CDB backend

Upgrade from 5.4.2 and earlier if you:

1) use quotas

Upgrade from 5.4.1 and earlier if you:

1) use Postgres

5.4.4 - released 26-May-04

Tom Collins
- Link math lib when compiling for MySQL.
- Create ~vpopmail and ~vpopmail/etc in configure script. [930939]
Note that any code creating files in ~vpopmail should probably
be moved from configure and into Makefile (under make install).
- Use MAX_PW_DIR when checking max size of domain's directory.

        Ken Jones
        - vdelivermail.c: wait on pid for qmail-inject to finish
          before continuing in deliver_mail function. [from 5.5.1]

Michael Bowe
- Minor documentation tweaks
- Fix for : If roaming users were enabled, and auth module was not
SQL based, and user's IP address was not available (eg being
called from Courier-IMAP with authdaemon enabled), then
open_smtp.tmp.pid files would be created for each auth
but never removed.

5.4.3 - released 11-Mar-04

        Tom Collins
        - Add missing link libs (m, nsl, socket) on Solaris installs.
        - Fix vsetuserquota() to write properly formatted quota to
          maildirsize file.
        - Update vdominfo to ignore non-domains in users/assign.
        - Update vconvert and dotqmail2valias to ignore non-domains in

5.4.2 - released 22-Feb-04

        Tom Collins
        - Remove attempts to free() static buffers in vpgsql.c. [888888]
        - Fix problems with creating valias table in vpgsql.c. [892595]
        - Remove unnecessary check for C++ from configure[.in].
        - Don't include DESTDIR when building inc_deps and lib_deps.
        - Properly parse Maildir and mbox delivery lines in .qmail files
          in vdelivermail (and exit(111) for mbox lines). [889756]
        - Temporarily disable -s option to vadduser (since it's broken).

        Anders Brander
        - Add contrib/checkpassword_debug.[README,c] for testing and
          debugging problems with vchkpw. [862608]

5.4.1 - released 10-Feb-04

        Tom Collins
        - Add dotqmail2valias program for converting .qmail-alias files
          to valias table entries.

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