I have nothing but great things to say about Tonix's patch and the code is quite straight forward to read, even for an old C programmer like me.

I use it personally and have it installed on more than 20 ISP and end user systems with no problems.



Tonix wrote:


it looks like there is a "trust" against this patch, just saying
generically it's ugly, but not beeing able to say why, and not beeing
able, mainly, to make another one working.

This patch is highly responding to DJ security and programming models,
while all the rest around (including vpopmail) is not, so all the attacks
are without comprension (or people attacking does not understand what is
speaking about).

This patch is running in hundreds of productions sites since more than two
years (without a bug and without any performance problem), and I'm
receiving dozen of e-mails, each month, thanking for it.

This patch has also be included in other bigger "containers", like Bill
Shupp megapatch and Matt Simerson Toaster.

I'm old and experienced enought to understand the real skills of people,
and what's working and what not.

If you install the patch and use it, you'll learn another way to know and
trust people: by judging their work, and not their words.


At 27/05/2004 27/05/2004 +0200, you wrote:
Hi list,

I found a patch [1] at [2] which enables qmail to first check against
if the user (email-address) is existant before accepting mail for it.
Yesterday I asked in #qmail (IRC-channel) for any experiences and/or
recommendations with this patch and have been told by Jeremy Kitchen that
this patch is "UGLY" and "HORRIBLE" and has glibc-stuff in it.
As he seems to have a "little bit" more experience than me, I trust him. :-)
Anyway, I am still looking for a solution for this problem, maybe a solution
which also checks if catch-all is activated for this domain.
Right now we make the experience that a lot of spam and virus-mails are
in and make the queue growing up enormously. I hope on the new systems, it
will not be that bad by applying the "ext-todo" patch against the
silly-qmail-syndrome, but I want these machines making be a little bit more
Because of the fact, that this solution would be a patch or anything else
against vpopmail (maybe activating this functionality in qmail-smtp), I
didn't ask in the qmail-list and hope this is the right place...



[1] http://www.interazioni.it/qmail/easy-way-1.0.patch
[2] http://www.interazioni.it/qmail/#qmail-smtpd
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