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I want to block a vhost with about 100 pop3-Accounts, but dont want to
delete this vhost with vpopmail.

-> qmail dont shell deliver to this vhosts the incoming emails.

Do someone know what its the best way to do it?

Can I manipulate a control file to do it best?
Does vpopmail work with the other domains with no problem?

You should be able to edit the ~vpopmail/domains/whatever.com/.qmail-default file.

Assuming you want all of the mail to bounce until you reactive the domain, you should add a line like this to the top of the .qmail-default file:
|/var/qmail/bin/bouncesaying "Domain is currently disabled"

You can leave the rest of the file as-is. Nothing else will be processed after bouncesaying, and when you're ready to turn the domain back on, you can just delete the bouncesaying line.

There may also be .qmail-somethingelse files in that directory. If any of them to forward to accounts outside the disabled domain, you'd need to edit those files the same way to also disallow forwarding. Any files that forward back to an account in the disabled domain can be ignored as those messages will end up being processed by .qmail-default anyways.

The man page for bouncesaying is online here if you're interested: http://www.qmail.org/man/man1/bouncesaying.html

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