Im setting up a new debian woody box, with vanilla imap (your, upstream courier imap) and ive been working on courier-imap on other woody boxes for the past 2 years. So im somehow experienced (though not much...).

Okay, the problem is this. In my other woody box (running for ages) everything is running fine. In this new box, LOGIN to imap fails from time to time.

First things first, this is the setup:

vpopmail, vchkpwd 5.4.0

MAXPERIP (lost enough time learning two years ago about this one), is 400 but ive experimented with various values to no avail.

Ive got the very same email client (phpgroupware's, of which i am a mantainer), working in the other box with the same version of courier imap and the same variables in imapd conf file.

The only difference i can think of is hardware.

This is a newer box with kernel 2.4 running with hyperthreading (2 processors, looks like 4), so maybe there is the problem?
Memmory is 1 GB

Im gonna go out on a limb and post the whole imapd and authdaemonrc files here.

Smtp is qmail, although i dont think it has anything to do with this.

Any help is appreciated. Alejandro Borges <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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